Draft-Proof Windows and Doors For the Cosiest Winter Home

April is arguably one of the best months of the year in South Africa. Warm sunny days give way to fresh, cool evenings, and there are a bunch of holidays for us to enjoy a little time off to boot. Chances are, we’re not thinking about how to draft-proof our windows and doors in preparation for the icy fingers of winter. 

But those chilly days will come along with equally frosty nights and preparing now just makes sense. 

What can we do to ensure draft-proof windows, tightly sealed doors, and basically guarantee ourselves a cosy and comfortable home for winter?

Preparing Your Home For Winter

Winter is one of those times when we really don’t want to ‘let the outside in’ as they say on popular decorating channels. Rather, we want to systematically work through the various places which may allow the cold or wind to sneak in and seal them up.

Draft-Proof Windows

No matter the age of your home, windows tend to be the chief draft culprit. Even the smallest gap between the window frame and the wall allows cold air in. If this is an issue for you then, ideally, you’d want to look at replacing the outside doors and windows with aluminium or uPVC options. 

Not an option? Not a problem!

GHI stocks an excellent selection of silicone sealants for all types of windows. For example, the Olive C-22 Silicone Sealant enjoys brilliant adhesion on all surfaces, from concrete to glass, plastics aluminium and even wood. It also contains an anti-fungal agent so it’s perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen. 

A good sealant like this will guarantee draft-proof windows for years to come. 

Drafty Doors

GHI’s sealers can also be used on door frames to keep the outside cold where it belongs. But, what if the door itself isn’t snug in the frame? 

Without removing and refitting the door, one suggestion is to use foam tape which can be cut to size and placed wherever there is a gap. Foam tape is seriously sticky and may not be a permanent fix but will keep you cosy this winter. 

Draft excluders attached to the bottom of your outside doors will also help to keep the cold at bay. Some come with bristles and others with flexible rubber bottoms, either of which is easy to install and a super quick draft fix. 

Roof Insulation

An enormous amount of heat is lost out of the roof, and insulation is an absolute must. There are so many options available, one of which is the eco-friendly Thermguard Cellulose Fibre Insulation.

They say of their product, “With the installation of modern machinery from the U.S.A. Thermguard has been able to reduce the density of its insulation by 20%. 

“This allows more air to be trapped between the fibres providing a lighter, less expensive product with superior insulation values. Thermguard is made from recycled materials, is 100% fire retardant, as well as insect and rodent resistant. These properties make Thermguard the perfect solution for your roofing insulation, ceiling insulation and general insulation requirements.” 

If you’re on a budget and prefer a little DIY insulation, perhaps you can consider the Aerolite option which you can pop in your roof with no trouble at all. 

There are an enormous number of ways to insulate your ceiling from plastics to shredded newspaper. Why not take a little time to do some research to find the best option for your home.

Floors and Basements

Again, the narrow gaps between the floor and the skirting boards in some homes can let in drafts, especially if the home has a basement which is, mostly, a cold zone! 

An acrylic sealant may be just what you need here such as the 707 Acrylic Sealant from GHI. It dries super-fast and is paintable in an hour. 

Crafty Solutions for a Cosy Home

At the time of writing, the whole of South Africa is on lockdown which means we’re all spending plenty of time at home – and basically there’s no excuse not to do a little maintenance. 

An hour online will bring up the most fascinating ideas on how to insulate your home, draft-proof windows, doors and ceilings and welcome winter with a knowing smile.

For more information on the sealants mentioned above, or a quote for a brand new set of doors and windows, please feel free to contact the GHI team. 

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