5 Tips for Your Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny houses are cozy and they help you save on utility costs. They’re also easier to decorate. But one place in a tiny home that’s difficult to spruce up is the bathroom. Many items in a tiny bathroom can make it look cluttered such as toiletries, towels and accessories. 

To assist you, we’ve done our research and found 5 tips for your tiny house bathroom that you’ll love. We’ve given valuable small bathroom ideas with a shower as well as interesting storage tips. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Small Bathroom Ideas with Shower

Tiny bathrooms rarely have bathtubs because they take up too much room. Showers are the ideal choice for small bathrooms because they free up floor space. Here are ideas that will help you create a shower that looks elegant and frees up space in your tiny bathroom. 

Silhouette Shower Doors

With tiny bathrooms, you want to eliminate elements that you don’t need. A silhouette shower door is a perfect component for streamlining the look of your shower. The silhouette glass has no steel frames to maximize the view and for easy maintenance. 

This type of shower door also looks stunning in a tiny bathroom and makes it appear cleaner and brighter. The glass is incredibly clear which makes it appear as if there is no shower door. It gives a unique appeal to a small bathroom. 

A Shower Stool 

One of the drawbacks of a shower is that you can’t sit down and relax. You could sit on the shower floor but this isn’t ideal especially if you have a smaller space. To solve the problem consider installing a small bench in your shower. 

Install the bench up against your wall for better stability. Decide on the material you want to use. Most tiny homeowners use marble for their shower benches. But we suggest using a material that’s not slipper such as wood. A small bench will allow you to sit while you wash your hair or when you need to do extensive grooming. 

Curved Corner Shower 

Experts suggest installing items in your home that have rounded edges because it saves on space. Additionally, rounded edges will make your bathroom appear bigger. To create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger install a curved corner shower. The shower doors will also be a sliding application which also saves on space. 

Add a Garden Wall 

Do you want to feel like you’re showering in the heart of the jungle? Then add a stunning, lush garden wall to your bathroom. These garden walls add life and a natural feel to your bathroom. The vertical garden works well in bathrooms with natural elements such as wood or marble. 

2. Hide It Storage Ideas

One of the most difficult factors of a tiny bathroom is finding a place to store items. Baskets and racks can make the bathroom look cluttered. So why not try hide-it storage cabinets? Here are unique storage tips to help you save on bathroom space. 

A Hatch Roof 

Installing cabinets in a tiny bathroom will reduce floor space. To avoid taking up unnecessary space in your bathroom consider installing a hatch in your roof that you can pull out easily. Then install small shelves that you can slide down. 

On these shelves, you can store cleaning aids, bathroom towels or toiletries. Once you’re done grabbing what you need, slide the shelves back up into the roof and close the hatch.

Slide-Out Wall Cabinets 

Slide-out wall cabinets are a popular element of small minimalistic bathrooms. They don’t take up wall or floor space because they slide out of your wall using runners. In these cabinets you can store:

  • Toilet paper 
  • Shampoos 
  • Toothpaste
  • Medication 
  • Cleaning tools 
  • Air fresheners

With slide-out cabinets, you won’t have swinging doors in your way or surfaces that tempt you to throw clutter onto them.

Pop-out Toiletry Box 

The pop-out toiletry box is similar to the slide-out wall cabinets. However, this box is installed in your shower. To avoid using messy shower racks, install a pop-out box in your wall where you can store: 

  • Bodywash 
  • Shampoo 
  • Shaving cream 
  • Razors 
  • Facecloths 
  • Nail brushes 

Ensure your pop-out box has dividers so you can keep all your items neat and so they’re easily accessible. 

3. Replace Swinging Doors 

Every swinging door in your bathroom should be replaced with sliding doors. This includes:

  • Your shower door 
  • Cabinet doors 
  • Your main bathroom door 
  • Windows 
  • Medicine cabinets 

In a small space, swinging doors can get in the way which can be frustrating. Sliding doors save space and make your bathroom look sophisticated and sleek. 

4. Clear Away the Clutter 

One of the basic principles of creating a minimalistic environment in a small house is ridding your space of unnecessary clutter. Bathrooms can quickly become messy with towels hanging everywhere and bottles littering your surfaces. 

Clear away the clutter in your tiny bathroom by storing all your items in cabinets, baskets, shelves or racks. Throw away all bottles that are empty and always pack items away when you’re done with them. And lastly, always throw dirty laundry in the wash basket so garments don’t litter your floor

5. Light Up Your Tiny Bathroom 

The best way to make your tiny bathroom appear bigger is by adding the correct lighting. However, you should consider installing fixtures that won’t make your bathroom appear full. Here are lighting suggestions you’ll love. 


If you want to save on energy and brighten up your tiny bathroom at the same time, then a skylight is the way to do it. Skylights bring in natural light and make your bathroom appear bigger. It will also optimize the temperatures in your space and make your ceiling appear higher. With a skylight, you’ll have a stunning view of the sky every time you shower. 

Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are excellent space savers because they don’t hang down. These lights are small discs that are installed into your ceiling. They give your space an ambient glow and they reduce eyestrain and glare. 

Wall Lamp 

If you don’t want hanging ceiling lights then a wall lamp is an ideal choice for a tiny bathroom. Install the lamp on a free wall in your bathroom. These lamps are smaller compared to hanging ceiling lights and some of them can be removed. The style will depend on your personal preference. 

LED Strips 

LED strips have become a popular lighting choice, especially for homeowners living in tiny houses. The strips resemble tape but they have small LEDs along the ribbon. This allows you to install the lights in various shapes on your ceiling. The best place to put them is in the cornice area. 

The benefit of LED strips is that you can change the lighting color to warm yellow or cool blue to change the ambience of your bathroom. 

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to spruce up your tiny bathroom? Use the five tips we’ve mentioned above to help you save space, improve lighting and enhance the aesthetics of your area. 

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