Why We Love Glass Facades In Retail (And You Should, Too!)

There are a number of excellent reasons why large, successful retailers choose wide expanses of glass to adorn the front of their store; the most important of which is increasing the visibility of their products. Indeed, the design and positioning of these products within window displays have become more of a science than an art and is testimony to the importance of visual merchandising.

Glass facades are ubiquitous in retail spaces and are enjoying more and varied uses as the glass industry grows more technical.

Glass Systems In Retail – From The Outside In

The more eyes you can get on your product, the better, right? The competitive world of retail is where storefront glass systems really shine. Who of us hasn’t ducked into a clothing shop after seeing that winter coat on display, or stared wistfully at the new Jaguar F-Pace as we’ve driven past our local dealer?

Indeed, when we’re paying top dollar for the benefits of foot traffic in a mall or on the street, we want to make sure that our merchandise is clearly visible and not obstructed by unnecessary walls, partitions or columns. Think of H&M who have done this to striking effect in London, New York and Hong Kong. Gloriously spacious and chic, the popular retail outlet has made certain that they keep visibility to the maximum with stunning super-sized glass panels. What a statement!

The benefits of these swathes of glass don’t stop with their visual appeal, however. There is far more going on under the surface.

Glass facades in retail allow a business to sell, even when they’re closed. Those beautiful displays highlighting special offers or aspirational lifestyle choices are carefully positioned for maximum impact and are showcased for the consumer’s benefit in their striking glass cages.

“Window shopping” is nothing new but is still just as important to a business as any of their other marketing efforts. While some may be tempting consumers with high-end products, other glass facades are a window into the soul of the shop, perhaps revealing a warm and inviting sofa next to a fire to sip a cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day. Passer’s by know what to expect and are comfortable entering a new establishment.

Yes, the emotional value of a glass façade in retail is not lost. But, is glass a practical choice? After all – this is business.

Should You Be Choosing Glass?


Glass facades are built with safety in mind. Large panes of varying thicknesses are made from laminated security glass which, depending on their frames, can successfully resist a criminal attack (with a crowbar, for example). If broken, these panes will remain bonded together in their frame even though the glass itself may be shattered, which prevents injury from flying shards of glass.

These safety features extend to weather resistance, with tough external panes coping with hurricanes, earthquakes and severe storms.

Internal glass curtain walls and display cases within the store also enjoy the same toughness as their external counterparts, with more displays making use of laminated glass to prevent smash-and-grabs. It’s not easy (or quiet) getting through a sheet of safety glass!

Environmentally friendly

Environmental legislation encourages all commercial enterprises to go green, which makes glass a brilliant choice. Natural light brightens and warms a space without requiring additional power resources, and of course, it’s a known fact that it also brightens moods and makes us happier people. Glass is a recyclable product and its production footprint is less than steel or concrete.


A gorgeous glass façade tells your business story to the world and can easily be used to create a feeling of high-end decadence and luxury. Many top companies mix up glass and steel for that sleek and sophisticated design to attract discerning customers.

There’s no doubt that glass facades in retail are the best choice. The question now is, which company can I work with to create the magic that I want for my business? We’d like to encourage you to call the professionals at GHI. Our frameless glass partitions, glass facades, windows and doors are all built to exacting standards, and we know that you will love the result. Call us now.

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