Why Every Office Needs Interior Glass Partitions

Interior glass partitions modernize workspaces in surprisingly beneficial ways. Think of what a difference large office windows played when they were first introduced into high-rise buildings. That was step one in the ‘let’s think out the box’ for office spaces.

Clients and employees alike benefit from the ‘big picture’ views they facilitate. Now add glass partitions for the interior spaces and you’ll have modernized and created a whole new set of circumstances that benefit your business. For one thing, glass partitions make offices way less gloomy than their solid partition predecessors and no one gets away with sitting back with their feet up on the desk.

Reasons Why Glass Partitions Benefit Workspaces


Take a look at the hit TV series, Suits, as a great example of glass office partitions. There’s no way the hotshot receptionist could have everyone’s back the way she does if she couldn’t see into the offices of the boss, the lawyers and the boardroom from her desk.

Ok, so it’s great for a TV show. The rest of us don’t want to feel like we’re goldfish in a bowl for every passer-by. Let’s explore why glass partitioning is important and beneficial.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Hands up anyone who isn’t interested in reducing the electricity bill. Thought so. Enhancing natural lighting using floor to ceiling glass partitions will make the very best of what light is available to you.

  • Effects of Light on Office Workers

Natural light has a feel-good effect on everyone – it ups our serotonin levels, which puts everyone in a better mood. Productivity is increased as the collaborative mindset is implied, and stress is reduced. Actually, those two factors alone would be good enough reason to install rather glamourous partitions as soon as possible.

  • Easy Installation

Without much ado at all, glass partitions can replace existing wood panelling or drywalling. The transformation to office space is a rewarding revamp, bring light to dark areas and new life to the old and staid.

  • First Impressions Count

Clients entering your office space form very quick opinions about your business. Glass partitions send a message of transparency – pun intended! Frameless partitions come into their own in the office setting.

  • Sound Proofing

There are of course always the options of single, double, or triple glazed partitioning. Places like the boardroom require soundproofing and everyone not in an open cubicle setting likely requires confidentiality assurance. Glass partitioning still provides that.  Besides, there is such a thing as acoustic, or sound reduction glass, which is perfect where it counts most.

  • Frosting

Unlike offices in TV shows, in real life, office glass partitions make use of discreet frosting, which provides visual privacy without losing light. Striped panels or designs placed from just below waist height to head height are all that’s needed to lose the ‘goldfish in a bowl’ feeling.

  • Signage

Glass partitions are perfect for a great variety of signage, from company branding to personal names on glass doors.

  • Sliding Door Option

Sliding glass doors facilitate great diversity for office spaces. Contrary to what one might imagine, they also block sound. The boardroom, for example, can be a more open space when not in use by keeping sliding doors open.

  • Glass Writing-Boards

Bet you didn’t think of this, but brainstorming sessions look way better on chic glass partitions than on the unattractive whiteboards offices tend to use. The simple addition of a layer of window vinyl transforms glass office partitions into a writing-board.

The bonus is that glass writing-board areas on glass partitions can have vinyl gridlines or thought bubbles and more. They’re dead easy to clean and won’t end up looking tatty.

  • Flexibility

We don’t tend to think of glass as particularly flexible, but it is because it leans toward custom design. Tailor-made partitions can be used in combination with certain walled areas. They do not have to be square and linear; they can be made to create softer lines and rounded features.

The final word, in case you’re still not sure, is that opening up spaces using glass partitions makes your offices look bigger than they really are. A modern, spacious feel has a more beneficial effect on workers and clients alike. Remember that glass is ‘timeless’ and saves you having to redecorate and paint.

Call in the professionals who can assess your needs against what glass partitions can offer to create the perfect bespoke solution for your new office look.

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