The Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

If you have been keeping up with the Joneses, you will know that frameless shower doors are very popular at the moment. Working with the minimalist look, they are considered elegant and streamlined and are becoming more and more popular when it comes to building or upgrading bathrooms.

Glass is gaining popularity in bathroom fittings, from bathroom cabinets to shower doors. While the answer to a good bathroom upgrade is always yes, it is good to know the pros and cons before you decide to go with the frameless shower door option. 

What Is a Frameless Shower Door?

A frameless shower door is just what its name suggests – a thick glass panel of tempered glass for your shower door. There is no frame support structure, the doors are held and supported by clips. This offers a sleek, modern look to your bathroom.

The Pros

There are many pros to installing frameless shower doors, other than just a stylish finish to your shower. Here are a couple of ways you can benefit from going with frameless doors.

More Space

The lack of frame around the shower allows the illusion of bigger showers and even bigger bathrooms. They will make your bathroom feel airy and highlight modern fitting choices to show off the best of your design. They also help draw attention to small features such as Mosaics or stonework that no longer have to be hidden behind curtains or wide frames.


Traditional showers have to work to set sizes and restrictions based on what frames you can get. Frameless shower doors offer a larger range of styles and designs, and can often be custom made to fit your space. 

Easy to Maintain

Over time, even the most well-cleaned shower starts to accumulate some soap scum or mould inside the frame. This is not a problem with frameless shower doors, they trap less debris than their traditional counterparts. 

Another thing that you don’t need to worry about is rust on the frame – a sight all homeowner’s dread! Corroded and rusted metal must be replaced, and if you replace it with more metal the cycle just goes on. In the long run, this process may be more expensive than just choosing the frameless route. 

In Style

Any home décor magazine you pick up today is full of clean lines and minimalist finishes. If you are house hunting, often the first thing you would want to change or update is the bathroom. There is something almost magical about a beautiful sleek bathroom, and it goes a long way to changing the atmosphere of a home. 

If you are planning of selling your house in the next few years, you will up its value and appeal by installing frameless shower doors. Even though tastes differ from person to person, the frameless door is a neutral look that can appeal to any preference. 

The Cons

As with all things, there is always a downside. Here are a few to take into consideration when looking at the frameless options.


Frameless shower doors require heavier and thicker glass. This glass is also stronger and sturdier than traditional shower glass but comes with a bigger price tag.


Unless you’ve called in the professionals, there is a risk of leaking. However, a good quality product will include an almost invisible and long-lasting seal between the panels and, if required a sweep attached to the bottom of the door.

Stability and Breaking

Frameless shower doors can break, however, this is generally caused by bad installation, defects or damage to the glass. Make sure you keep a close eye on your fasteners and hardware for any signs of weakness or cracking. 

Frameless doors need a little extra TLC than traditional ones, and while they are not unsafe, you do need to be a bit more careful with them.


The installation of frameless shower doors can be a bit more complex than traditional doors, so make sure you have a tried and tested team of professionals around to do this before you finalise your purchases. 

Making the Change

One of the best parts of a new bathroom – be it the first one in a new house, or a long-awaited upgrade – is deciding what fittings and accessories you want. Modern fittings are becoming more popular by the day and can be beneficial to your pocket in various ways too.  

Traditional fittings have their charm, and can still allow your bathroom to look neat. But the modern and minimalist look that is so popular these days with sharp lines, chic finishes and the ability to make rooms just feel bigger!

Are you thinking about changing to frameless shower doors, and need a bit more information? Click here for more information about our products and services and chat with our team today!

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