The Importance of a Good Locking System in Securing Your Home

No doubt, you spend a fair sum of money on security; in South Africa, it’s just something we do. From gates and fencing to burglar bars and alarms, it tends to add up, doesn’t it?

However, there are some excellent ways of securing your home without shelling out on a state-of-the-art security system or a 24-hour guard, and many of these simple solutions come down to a good locking system.

The Role of a Great Locking System

Let’s work through the various entry points to explore how we can secure each of them and make sure we are not an easy target.

Securing your doors

This may sound like a no-brainer, but an alarming number of burglars gain access through an unlocked door. Often times when we’re at home during the day we tend to let our guard down and leave exterior doors unlocked and open. 

Let’s just stop that right now, shall we? 

There are plenty of ways to secure an exterior door. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my door frame sturdy or will it splinter and give way after a kick or two?
  • Is my locking mechanism solid and strong?
  • Do I have an additional lock in the form of a deadbolt with an accompanying strike plate for added protection?

These security measures are quick and easy to implement for hinged doors, but what about sliding doors?

When we’ve installed a stunning set of frameless glass doors in order to enjoy the vista, the last thing we want is for it to be an easy entrance for criminals.

Locking systems for glass doors are available and are made to match the beauty and strength of your sliding or folding doors. In addition, glass sensors are a great idea to install as a preventative security measure.

Securing your windows

Another favourite entry point for burglars is the window. Many older homes in South Africa have wooden window frames which will give way to a crowbar pretty quickly. Locking systems on these types of windows can be just plain weak.

Aluminium or PVC window frames are significantly stronger than their wooden counterparts and come with latches and lockable levers which makes entrance nigh on impossible. 

What else can we do to secure our windows? 


Burglar guards are a necessary evil but can be installed by specialists to look sleek and minimalistic. Likewise, security film for windows acts as an additional reinforcement and may give you the extra few minutes that you need for the security company to get to you.

Many home guides advocate planting native agave or spikey cacti beneath opening windows. To be fair, this sounds like a great idea to us. Every little obstacle that we can put between our family and an intruder is welcome!

Secure your garage

We often forget the humble garage, what with it being a house for our car and a glorified storeroom. Many people leave their garages open – which is not a smart move.  Opportunistic criminals can be in and out of your garage before you’re even aware of it, so let’s keep that door shut.

If you have an electric motor on your garage, chances are it has a pretty secure locking system on it, but if your door is manual then you’ll need a little more protection. A solid garage locking system with extras such as exterior padlocks will serve you well. 

Another sensible tip is to keep your garage windows screened off to deter would-be intruders

In Conclusion

Sadly, home security is not a topic that we can ignore or take lightly, and the importance of a good, sturdy locking system on all opening doors and windows cannot be overstated. 

Logically, criminals are looking for an easy target. Open doors, unsecured or ageing windows or other easy access points mean you’re it. 

How are you going to keep your home safe? 

We can’t plant spikey plants for you, but we do have a selection of locking systems which will help to keep you and your family secure. Please contact our team for more information.

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