Silhouette Glass Fitting Systems – Transparently Beautiful Design Solutions

What do you think of when you see the following words: sleek, honest, modern, timeless, durable, and corporate? It won’t surprise you to know that these are a collection of terms used to describe Silhouette glass fitting systems from GHI.

Can a humble sheet of glass live up to these rather grand descriptions? We think so, and we’d love to show you how.

Glass Fitting Systems in Architectural Design

Outside of its durability and energy efficiency, glass offers architects an incredible medium to explore their creative side and produce building a façade that is not simply functional, but truly breathtaking. Glass towers have been hailed as “one of the great symbols of the modern age,” and can be found showing off their shimmering attire in most cosmopolitan cities.

Glass as a building façade appeals to big businesses whose external image needs to match their brand, and nothing says “iconic” quite like a landmark building cloaked in glittering glass.

But as mother used to say, looks aren’t everything. We’d like to share a few more reasons why architects choose glass.

  • Higher levels of natural light in a building have been shown to be beneficial for employees’ wellbeing
  • Glass is an energy efficient option – vital to the energy reduction requirements required by law
  • Some glass products offer a good level of noise insulation
  • Glass is a sustainable building choice
  • A glass wall allows office workers to see out into the natural environment and feel less isolated

Silhouette Glass Systems in Balustrading

In malls, offices, hotels and even in personal entertainment areas at home we enjoy gorgeous expanses of glass. Used in stairways, lining corridors or around swimming pools, glass knows how to make an impact. The “barely there” look of Silhouette glass systems takes away the harsh corners of a brick wall or uncouth metal safety railings, replacing them with a graceful and transparent solution. It’s no secret that modern designers love working with glass, a medium that offers unobstructed views, almost unlimited shape and size options and a clean, contemporary finish every time.

But, you may ask, is it practical? Is it safe?

Consider this:

  • Glass does not corrode and is easily maintained
  • Glass panels are durable and can easily outlast their wooden counterparts
  • Both the safety glass and the fittings used are incredibly strong and durable and adhere to the safety standards set out in the building code

Glass Systems In Retail

The more eyes you can get on your product, the better, right? The competitive world of retail is where storefront glass systems really shine. Who of us hasn’t ducked into a clothes shop after seeing that winter coat on display, or stared wistfully at the new Jaguar F-Pace as we’ve driven past our local dealer?

Indeed, when we’re paying for the benefits of foot traffic in a mall or on the street, we want to make sure that our merchandise is clearly visible and not obstructed by unnecessary walls, partitions or columns. Think of H&M who have done this to striking effect in London, New York and Hong Kong. Gloriously spacious and chic, the popular retail outlet has made certain that they keep visibility to the maximum with stunning super-sized glass panels. What a statement!

Add to this the natural light, the strength of the safety glass, the design options (decals, sandblasting, frosting, or film) and the architectural gymnastics that this option is capable of, and you have an absolute no-brainer.

Silhouette Glass Systems In Interior Design

From the expanse of glass in your home shower to the vista opened up from your bedroom window,  from the achingly chic office bar to the seamless corridor of office partitions in your building – glass really does it all.

It’s easy to make a design statement in your home with the clever use of glass systems. While bathrooms are probably what you think of first, glass is used more and more in kitchens, pools, stairways and balconies. For homeowners who want a simple aesthetic, something clean, durable and classic – there is only one choice. Easy to clean, functional, long-lasting and beautiful – what’s not to love?

When it comes to the workplace, glass office partitions are increasing in popularity. Our changing work ethic which demands more transparency, better communication, a better work-life balance, employee wellness and greater multi-functionality of staff and departments has changed the way employers fit out their space. Rugged glass partitions grant privacy and security as well as maintaining a level of transparency and allowing employees to share a space as a team. (And less as meerkats in the dark cubicles of yesteryear.)

So now we know that we love glass, perhaps we need to know who can create this magic for us?

Please call one of our friendly team at GHI today and ask about the Silhouette glass fitting systems – we’d be thrilled to assist you.

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