Silhouette Balustrades and Pool Surrounds Offer Safety In Style

If you haven’t heard of Silhouette balustrades for pool areas yet, then this article will be of interest.

There’s something about a clear blue body of water that soothes the human spirit. All too often, the best such an effect is left to feature TV programs or on magazine covers that show stunning pool areas with rim-flow views to the ocean. Ours at home, are fenced in – as well they should be, or behind garden walls. There’s not even a question that safety remains paramount. This is an area where we need to know the facts, however disturbing.

Taking the time to look at key safety aspects, Silhouette balustrades notwithstanding means we can enjoy the upcoming holiday season with confidence.

With rising costs and increased crime, more and more families are opting for ‘staycations’ rather than vacation options. That means making our homes all we’d want were we to travel to a holiday destination. We’ll be holidaying happily at home rather than leave a ‘locked up’ place ready to be broken into. Investing in our home instead of spending money where seasonal rates take their toll, is a sensible move in the face of tough economic times.

Silhouette balustrades are one factor that will contribute wonderfully to creating a wonderland in our own home and garden. Once we understand how frameless glass systems work, we’ll no doubt find plenty more places in our homes that would benefit from their flawless beauty. Every application we make with frameless glass options, adds to the value of our home and property.

How Silhouette Balustrades Assist Safety

Pool safety has long been a hot issue and with the holiday season upon us, we can be sure that hospitals, ambulance services and paramedics stand by to assist near-drownings. Of course, precautions apply to all water features in our homes. Our children and our pets comprise those most vulnerable to accidents and death. Despite every precaution, it behoves all of us to still keep a watchful eye as to what goes on around the pool.

Silhouette balustrades to the rescue!


The obvious place to begin involves the enclosure. Yet where aesthetics are important, some opt for pool covers to avoid unsightly fencing. Now that magnificent glass Silhouette balustrades are available to us in South Africa, we may certainly incorporate them as a barricade around the pool to protect our loved ones from accidentally taking a dip when they didn’t mean to.

Toughened safety glass can be signed off by a professional structural engineer to satisfy ourselves and our guests that despite being glass, our barricade is as safe as houses.

Guarding Access

Guarding the pool access point is one of the first and most neglected matters for attention.

All too often, even pets have been able to prise open the gate to an enclosed pool. Silhouette balustrades are fitted with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms that will impress even the most sceptical. The rule of thumb here is to place latching out of reach of children.


The tendency to have pools down in the corner of the yard behind walls or hedging is thankfully long gone. Most home designers are asked to place pools at the edge of stairs or verandas. The closer to home the better.

Having beautiful balustrades complementing seamless sheets of glass as a pool surround option, we can keep an even closer watch on the family.

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The Safety and Style of Silhouette Balustrades

Having satisfied ourselves that we are aware of best practice regarding pool safety we can explore the brilliance of GHI’s range of pool balustrades.

The frameless glass panels used in these systems are all we need them to be in the safety department. And a visit to GHI Architectural Design’s website will satisfy the technically minded among us.

For those of us interested in the results, it’s important to have the confidence of safety before we allow ourselves the luxury of design and style. Then we can breathe a sigh of relief while we bid farewell to pool covers and unsightly fencing.

Bear in mind that other water features besides swimming pools are also safety hazards for children and pets. The beauty of silhouette balustrades is that they combine safety without upsetting the point of a water feature, which is that it be readily visible. This goes for fish or Koi ponds, garden lake or fountain features, stream or waterfall features, jacuzzi or spas.

If you’re looking for safety, ergonomics, beauty and practicality all in one, contact GHI Architectural Solutions. Our Silhouette range of balustrades, pool surrounds, frameless showers, glass facades and wall and door systems meet all that vital criteria.

Visit or chat with one of our friendly experts about solutions that will work for you.

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