See-through, Sleek & Slim Silhouette Solutions - Frameless Glass Balustrades

See-through, Sleek & Slim Silhouette Solutions – Frameless Glass Balustrades

Iconic city structures, head offices, gyms and discerning homeowners are fitting high-end frameless glass balustrades wherever possible. Gone for good are dark passages and dingy stairwells. Stringent safety standards have seen further applications for balconies, landings, pools, staircases, showers, wall-and-door systems to name a few. GHI Architectural Solutions boast an incredible product range in the way of the Silhouette frameless glass systems.

All the Magic of Glass in the Best Places

Due to upholding excellence in safety standards, larger sections of glass can be used to the maximise clear view in the case of frameless glass balcony balustrades. It creates the illusion of space and an enchanting ‘suspended glass’ feel, which enhance settings needing light or a magnificent uninterrupted view. Theatres, amusement parks and malls are able to create more pleasing environments for patrons and employees alike.

Every home and every office has its weak spots and frameless glass balustrades have proven an effective solution for both sectors. For office or home balconies with an exposed ‘bad weather’ side, glass balustrades keep the rain and wind at bay without closing in the space or blocking the view. The population are becoming used to being able to ‘lean’ safely against the glass without too much psychological stress overtaking them, so applications have come to include commercial viewing platforms and skyscraper balconies and landings and shopping malls.

Pool balustrading comes into its own with frameless glass. One glance and the entire pool is visible as one checks whether anyone is in the pool enclosure. The same goes for gymnasium and spa facilities where the safety of the users is a consideration. Restaurants are able to seat patrons, whether on interior or exterior balconies edged with frameless glass balustrades and keep a better eye on things. Shops are able to make use of smaller spaces and upstairs departments likewise benefit from the space created and lessen the electricity bills because of the amount of light glass balustrading affords.

See-through, Sleek & Slim Silhouette Solutions - Frameless Glass Balustrades 2

The Dazzle is in the Details

A visit to GHI’s website provides great visuals and application ideas to get your creative juices going when it comes to frameless glass balustrades. But it might be that while you’re seeing the value of see-through, sleek and slim solutions of the Silhouette range of frameless glass balustrades, you’re worried about the fixtures and fittings. Breathe. GHI are practical and functional as well as design and style conscious.

If your needs are top-mounting, you’ll be supplied with 2205 Marine Grade Stain Steel Spigots – no holes required on a glass panel. You’re looking at strength, durability, versatility and style all in one fitting. For those wanting stand-off bolts for side-mounted balustrade fittings, 304 and 316 Grade polished and satin Stainless Steel finishes will blow you away. U-channel handrails, both wall and glass mounting, handrail brackets, wall flanges, end caps and balustrades support clamps, in-line connectors and flush elbows follow suit. The showstopper here is the balustrade glass clamps, whether square or round posts are available in mirror and satin stainless steel and satin nickel-coated zinc alloy.

The plain fact is that frameless glass balustrades are not particular to any décor style. They seem to complement any design expression because their value is more ergonomically supportive than style-bound.

Creating the wide-open feel of space, subliminally evokes a bigger-picture mentality in people. No one enjoys being hemmed in whether at home or the office. Frameless glass balustrades deliver practicality and elegance to staircases and landings no matter where they are situated.  The visual spaciousness created stirs the soul with the kind of openness we need in today’s cement jungle cities, urban cluster home complexes and outdoor activity centres.

If you’re looking for safety, ergonomics, beauty and practicality all in one, contact GHI Architectural Solutions. Our Silhouette range of balustrades, pool surrounds, frameless showers, glass facades and wall and door systems meet all that vital criteria. Visit or Chat to one of our friendly experts about solutions that will work for you.

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