Refresh Your Balcony in 10 Steps

If you’re fortunate enough to have a balcony, then you’re all too familiar with the joy of an intimate outdoor space, the primary use of which is to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the open air and sunlight. Unfortunately balconies can also become areas to avoid – dusty, dirty, and usually providing storage for the odd broken chair and dead plant. 

Now is the perfect time to reclaim your baclony and gain a place you can escape to on a warm, sunny morning with your coffee or catch the dwindling sunlight with a late afternoon sundowner. 

Here are 10 tips and ideas to refresh your balcony and transform it into your very own sanctuary.

  1. Sweep, Wipe and Toss

Before you launch in with new furniture, plants, and decorative bits and pieces, it’s time to clean this space up. Toss out the junk, donate what you don’t need, sweep away the dirt, and wipe down the surfaces. You’d be amazed at the difference this first tip will make to your balcony.

  1. Create a Blank Canvas

Notice any stained walls, chipped tiles, and other things in need of fixing or updating? Now that you’ve cleared and cleaned your balcony, you’ll probably spy several signs of neglect that a lick of paint and a few repair jobs can remedy.

  1. Make a Plan

Time to think about the look of your balcony. Do you want a minimalist space with nothing more than a comfortable chair and a single pot plant? Do you want a Parisian theme or perhaps you want lots of greenery and fairy lights? Go online and find inspiration for what you’d like your balcony to look like and then you can plan what you need to build, buy, and repurpose from other areas of your house. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Colour 

A lot of people love neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. If you don’t love beige but haven’t dabbled with colour before, don’t be afraid. Now is the perfect time and a balcony is the opportune place to experiment with colour and patterns in the form of patterned tiles and decorative prints on the pillows to create a space that is full of life and energy.

  1. Greenery Breathes Life

Is there any type of balcony design that doesn’t benefit from the addition of plants? While we don’t suggest overloading your balcony with a veritable forest of greenery, we do think you should choose a few strategic places to have some fun with stylish pots and planters. You could opt for a few perennials to get the same look every year, as well as a few pots or planters for annuals that you can switch throughout the year.

  1. Refresh the Old Railings

If you’re able to and are allowed to make such big changes to your railings then this tip is for you. This is the perfect opportunity to swap out your worn railings for the subtle sophistication of durable glass balustrades. More than the stylish aesthetic and durability, glass balustrades also provide an unobstructed view of the outside and allow more natural light to flow freely in.

At GHI we can advise you on an affordable glass balustrade solution, whether you want something simple, tinted or even frosted glass balustrades with intricate designs. Click here to review our products or call us on 011 608 2800 to chat to a consultant.

  1. Add Personal Touches

It’s all fine and dandy to take inspiration from what you’ve seen on Pinterest or in magazines, but don’t make the mistake of creating a carbon copy. Whenever you design a space, you should include some of your personal taste as well. This could be reflected in the choice of plants, mirrors, and small decor items.

  1. Don’t Forget the Floors

There’s nothing quite so impactful when you’re updating a tired, boring space as a complete overhaul of an entire section. To wit, cover up an unattractive balcony floor with outdoor tiles or an outdoor rug that adds a striking pop to the whole space.

  1. Choose Furniture That Lasts

You might not have room for a lot of furniture on your balcony, but whatever choices you make when it comes to tables and chairs, just check that you know how to take care of these pieces. We strongly urge you to opt for weatherproof furniture. Certain woods do very well outside, especially if treated, like teak and cedar. Alternatively, you can also use water-repellent covers that will help to protect your outdoor furniture year-round.

  1. Add Lights

Our final tip is for you to use lighting to create ambience. For instance, you can string up fairy lights across the balcony or wrap light strands along the railing. You could even use tea lights, lanterns, and other small lights on or around your furniture to create just the right mood.

We hope these tips help you breathe new life into your balcony. Don’t forget that if you ever need advice from the experts, then call GHI and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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