Increase your Home Value With Glass & Aluminium

Increase your Home Value With Glass & Aluminium

While we all love our family homes and the memories we have created there, we are also conscious of the ever-changing property market;  we may find that we need to consider improvements that can be done here and there to increase our home value.

Using two of the most versatile and well-loved materials, there are many simple ways that you can increase your home value: glass and aluminium.

These two popular building materials are incredibly versatile and frankly, it’s hard to find fault with either product. They have so much to offer when it comes to design flexibility, affordability and beautifully clean lines.

People In Glass Houses

Glass is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and beautiful materials that we can use when building or renovating a house. Take some examples:

  • Glass is highly mouldable and can be shaped and custom-designed to fit any space.
  • A dark home can be transformed simply by adding bigger windows or glass doors. These can immediately change the whole look and feel of your house. In fact, one thing that many buyers look for in a house is light. Increase the light, and you increase your home value straight away.
  • Consider roof to floor windows, glass on staircases or walls of folding stacking doors that turn indoor spaces into outdoor spaces in an instant.
  • Glass can also be a beautiful feature of interior design, such as glass-walled wine cellars or games rooms.
  • Another great space where glass is put to excellent use is in the bathroom, with custom-designed frameless shower spaces.
  • Glass is also a stable material across many temperatures, making it ideal for use on kitchen counters and stovetops, as well as unusual uses such as fireplaces.
  • As glass is resistant to the elements, you can use it for outside features as well, such as greenhouses, pool surrounding or even if you have the space to add a glass panel into the side of your swimming pool.

Increase your Home Value With Glass & Aluminium 2

Aluminium Structures

Aluminium is one of the most popular, long-lasting and cost-effective metals used in building, and the perfect partner for glass. Functional and readily available, its clean lines pair effortlessly with the beauty of glass.

Whether you decide to stick to a raw aluminium look or opt for a powder-coated option, features such as aluminium staircases or window and door frames are the perfect partner for your glass ideas.

While glass may be an excellent feature material in your home renovations, aluminium fittings and accessories form the essential support structures to enhance its beauty. These two elements will bring a different feel to your home and allow the clean lines of the glass and aluminium combination to infuse your space.

Maintenance and Energy Efficiency Can Increase Your Home Value

In this day and age, there is a huge spotlight on building energy-efficient and easily maintainable houses. If you can achieve one or the other, then that is a bonus, but by hitting both briefs in one house will automatically increase your home value with minimal effort.

Both glass and aluminium are highly weather-resistant with strong anti-corrosive properties. This makes them the perfect pairing, whether you are using them on the outside of your house or in damp environments such as your bathroom.

Both products are durable and long-lasting so you will seldom need to replace or treat either of them –  meaning your maintenance costs will be less. No potential new owner will complain about cheap maintenance on a house!

So basically, when it comes to increasing the value of your home, just remember:

  • Glass is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The use of glass will increase the amount of light that spills into the rooms making them lighter and brighter.
  • A sun-filled home means less electricity will be needed, particularly during the day, which reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Glass and aluminium are hardy, look great, are timeless and fit with any décor.

What more can you ask for than light and warmth while you also increase your home value?

Please feel free to contact the GHI team today and find out what we can do for you.

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