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How Frameless Glass Has Changed The Way We Build

Committed to being the ‘wind beneath the wings’ for the frameless glass industry, are those who make it all possible with the matching architectural hardware. Staying at the forefront these days takes a company with its eye on quality, efficient service, and competitive pricing. That is a big ask but GHI Architectural Solutions for one, are confident they are ready and waiting for the way of the future.

The 2018 UN World Urbanization Prospects Report expects that by 2050, an enormous 6.66 billion people will be needing accommodation in cities and urban areas around the globe. How are we going to do it?

Smaller living spaces is the answer. Soon, the frameless glass will no longer be optional.  It’s a unique place in creating the illusion of space when the isn’t any, has given it a sole mandate in the way we build from now on.

Design Options of Frameless Glass

It is nothing less than thrilling to see how designers are stepping up to the plate and their innovations assure us that future smaller spaces will not mean cramped living. It’s about knowing where to implement glass and where not to.


With the advent of glazed balustrades for interior staircases, no one has to accept stuffy dark stairwells. Stairwells and landing walls can easily be glass rather than brick and mortar. Indoor balconies are a long-standing favorite for frameless glass.

Kitchens that may not actually be open plan, feel roomy with the use of glass features. We spend plenty of essential time in our bathrooms daily, but there is absolutely no need to feel like we are sitting in a small cupboard! Still, bathrooms can be assigned smaller areas without bringing on a claustrophobic episode!

Frosted glass provides privacy without blocking light. Frameless glass shower panels blur the division necessary in bathrooms without changing the spaciousness.

Sections of glass flooring, when cleverly used are being used more and more often to open up space. Skylights in the roofing are not even a question anymore and the design perfection now attainable makes them not just a necessary feature but enhances the beauty as never before. More than that, whole sections of glass roofing, which is obviously far thinner than traditional roofing and works to create extra height. Fire-rated glass can help contain fires for up to 2 hours.

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Frameless glass is now being strongly featured for balconies whether in homes or office buildings. Bringing the outdoors in is a cinch when it comes to utilizing frameless glass. Unsightly pool fencing can now be replaced with safe frameless glass which blurs the lines that would create divisions in the panorama.

Energy Efficiency of Frameless Glass

Not a heartbeat behind the global drive for energy efficiency, compliant companies have made sure their glass meets the prevailing standards. Most especially where glass is used for entire add-on rooms, sliding and fold-away, stack doors, is energy efficiency a vital criterion.

It is possible in areas vulnerable to overheating, such as roof lights or north-facing facades, for electric shading capability or solar shields to be added to the glass. The U-Value, as well as the heating and shading ecoefficiency, reflection capacity and direct solar energy transmission versus total solar energy transmission must be factored in with regards to frameless glass use in building projects and design elements.

Choosing The Right Business to Work With

Understandably, most folks leave the finer details to their contractor and that includes which company they choose for the hardware of certain design elements, such as for frameless glass. But no one has to give all the power away. Contractors have buddies in the industry they support or perhaps long-standing relationships they foster with particular groups. None of the foregoing precludes quality, value for money, reliability or efficiency.

It’s important for you to know that you can choose where the hardware for such vital features such as frameless glass will come from.

GHI Architectural Solutions are leaders in their own right, innovatively always on the cutting-edge. To be honest, if your contractor isn’t getting his hardware from us, we’d like to know why.

Uninterrupted visual space is where the frameless glass comes into its own. Whether applied internally to open up small spaces or to let light in or externally to feel rooted in the landscape – the way we build has been forever altered. Uninterrupted views, whether of the garden or of city lights will no longer be limited to mansions or the latest skyscraper, but with the help of innovative companies like GHI Architectural Solutions, everyone in SA can enjoy feeling connected to all life from the comfort of our homes.

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