How Do You Know When to Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers?

Sliding glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home. They are easy to use, they look beautiful and they let in plenty of natural light.

Over time, though, the sliding door rollers can become sticky and tight, and the doors do not slide easily on their tracks or open effortlessly anymore. When this happens, it may be time to change out the rollers on the door.

However, before you replace the rollers, there are a few other things to check first. 

Let’s take a look at what to look for before making the change, and how to identify rollers that need changing.

Clean Them Out

If the sliding mechanism starts to stick, start by cleaning out the tracks. Dust and debris such as gravel, small toys, and – bizarrely – pencils can become trapped in the track. Give it a quick vacuum and then try the door to see if there is any improvement. 

Adjust the Rollers

Sometimes the rollers can slip slightly, especially if they take a hard bump for any reason. A simple adjustment of the doors could be the answer. Most sliding doors have a small adjustment screw somewhere on the doors to do this. (Read the manufacturer’s documentation to find yours.)

If the adjustment does help with the stiffness in the door, it is an indication that your sliding door rollers will need to be replaced in the not-too-distant future.

Replacing Sliding Door Rollers

If you have tried the above two steps and the door is still sticking or stiff, then replacing the rollers is your next step. If you are not into DIY then get a handyman or other professional in the maintenance industry to help you out with this job.

The steps are very simple

  1. Remove the sliding door from the track. If there is an outer door you may need to remove this as well. Sliding doors are easily manipulated out of their doorway by their design, so this shouldn’t take too long. 

Simply raise the door into the top track as far as it will go, and the bottom can be pulled out of the track. Make sure you have a protected surface to lay the door on so as not to scratch the glass or your floors! If there is serious wear damage to the sliding door rollers you may need to use a grinder to remove a small amount of metal from the bottom track to give you more room to work with. 

  1. Replace rollers. Look for the screws in the roller assembly; each door will be slightly different. Remove these and replace the roller assembly. Individual rollers can be replaced but it is recommended to replace the entire assembly in one go or you may just be revisiting this problem in a few months’ time.

Make sure you know the exact measurements when buying a new one. The best option would be to take the old one with you. Take out the old assembly unit and replace it in the same manner with the new unit. Return the glass door to the frame the same way it was removed – insert the top of the door into the upper track until the bottom can slide into the lower track.

  1. Adjust the new sliding door rollers. With a screwdriver, turn the adjustment screw until the door is raised slightly off the track and slides easily. Too tight and the door may pop out of the track so make the adjustments slowly. If you have removed an outer door, you can now replace this as well. 

The Benefits Sliding Doors

There are various benefits to having glass sliding doors. The glass and the metal frame will not weather badly if you live in moderate conditions, and if treated well they are relatively low maintenance. They are easy to operate and they require very little space as they slide back on themselves, unlike hinged doors that require an arc to open.

Glass creates the illusion of space in rooms, bringing in natural light and making rooms feel bigger. They are also better for ventilation of rooms because they can be opened wider allowing the free-flow of fresh air.

Eco Friendly 

The light that comes in through sliding glass doors means that there is less need to install artificial lighting. They are also more eco-friendly as the doors are made from glass and aluminium which are both recyclable materials. 

Some glass comes with special features such as double glazing for improved thermal insulation, or an extra layer to prevent certain pollutants from entering your home.

Make the Change

Are you thinking about changing your hinged door to sliding and need a bit more information? Or do you want to replace your sliding glass door rollers and not sure where to start?  

Click here for more information about our products and services and make the change today!

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