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Glass Partition Walls for Home Office

Not too long ago, the term ‘non-traditional’ was used to describe home offices. 

It’s clear that this is no longer the case. 

Did you know that glass partition walls are contributing to the success of home offices? Think about it; the ability to see what your kids are doing and have an eye on the kitchen clock while on a video conference is nothing short of genius.

However, there are so many more benefits to consider. Let’s take a closer look. 

Why Glass Partition Walls Work

glass partition walls

The pandemic threw many families into hastily assembled spaces for what was deemed temporary working conditions. Kids needed space for homeschooling and adults needed spaces for remote offices. When restrictions were lifted, a large proportion of the population chose to keep their home offices. But, because most were created in a flurry, they were not sustainable for long-term use.

Design experts will tell you that success in the home office concept lies not in squashing yourself under the staircase or being stuck away in the attic or garage. Instead, it lies in your ability to monitor necessary home affairs too.

Impossible you say? After all, you don’t want your calls to be interrupted by barking dogs or ringing doorbells at crucial moments. 

Enter the innovative idea of glass partition walls

Just imagine! You can see what’s going on in key areas of the house and even the garden, but you have the quiet you need. You can keep your eye on the kitchen clock and the washing machine cycle if you need to multitask. You can motion to others that you’re not to be disturbed when your London contact is on the line.

Home office proponents will advise good lighting. Again, glass partition walls save the expense of extra lamps and electricity usage. Natural lighting promotes productivity, alertness while simultaneously reducing headaches and eye strain. What a win-win.

Which Glass Is Used for Office Partitions?

Here’s the technical bit.

The strength of glass is related to its cooling time. Regular or annealed glass, which is considered the base product, is then treated in various ways to make it suitable for a variety of uses. Heat-strengthened glass is formed by reheating annealed glass to increase its mechanical and thermal strength.

Partition walls, made of tempered or toughened glass, undergo a process that delivers compressive stresses on the surface, which are balanced by tensile stresses in the body of the glass. This makes it four times tougher and safer than untreated glass.

Laminated glass offers the highest security and safety. Should a glass panel crack or break, it does not shatter on impact. The remaining panel plus the interlayer supports the panel until it can be replaced.

Decorative Options For Glass Partition Walls

It’s one thing to use glass partitioning in the office environment, but it’s another matter when it comes to using it in a home. Having established that it is safe, you need to know that it can also be attractive and a value-add to your home.

  • Framed or frameless – either way, your glass partitions can look classy.
  • Sandblasting and decals – without losing your ability to see the rest of the house, you can create areas for privacy and decor ideas.
  • Maintenance – easy to clean and considered low maintenance, your partitions will add more to your life and require little work to keep them spectacular.
  • Shaping – curved glass walls are possible if you need such. Faceted glass panels are a cheaper way of creating a curve when arranged in a polygon.
  • Film – adding film provides the opportunity for colour and for dictating the amount of transparency you require.

Because the walls are basically a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall installation, it is up to you to decide how much light and privacy you require. You may want to have one section fitted with blinds to lower should there be a need. 

That has to be the ultimate in flexibility and personalisation when it comes to home office requirements.

How Difficult Is It To Install Glass Wall Partitioning?

Glass partition walls are a clever way of providing needed space without cramping your style. They are less disruptive as far as renovations or additions are concerned and give the appearance of increased space.

Glass panels, whether framed, unframed or faceted, are simple to install. Having said that, it’s not a recommended DIY job unless you are a measuring perfectionist. A professional installation gives you somewhere to come back to if you are not satisfied. Expertise is always a sound way to go for precision work and installers have had a wide variety of circumstances that they have overcome. You will appreciate their experience.

There is a cheaper cost per square meter the taller the glass is, so don’t be shy if you have a double story and want one space for yourself upstairs and one directly below for the kids, or a separate office.

The beauty of glass wall partitions is that they can be easily removed and set up elsewhere. Nothing like taking your own personal home office away with you to your next home or apartment. 

In Summary

Glass partition walls are super flexible and can be moved and remounted as needed. They create the soundproofing needed for office and boardroom spaces. Variety to suit your home environment, colour scheme and aesthetics are available. Safety is paramount and non-negotiable, making it ideal for home use. Costs are not prohibitive. Lastly? Go for it

If you have questions particular to your situation, contact GHI and a qualified assistant can assist you with all the information you need on hardware and accessories for glass partitioning. 

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