Creating a “Top-Billing” Home with Glass and Aluminium

We’ve all watched (with no small amount of envy) the incredibly beautiful properties showcased on the popular television program, Top Billing. The effortless grace and beauty of these fantastical luxury homes are truly inspiring for homeowners, interior designers, and architects alike. 

While we all love the look and feel of a cosy, period homes, most of us are more enthralled with the airy, soaring features of a luxury home which makes ingenious use glass and aluminium.

Perhaps it is the “South Africa” in us. We love to flood our homes with natural light, fresh air, and where possible, an incredible view. 

Glass and Aluminium in Luxury Homes

luxury homes

Is the use of aluminium and glass in luxury homes all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out. 

Adding class with timeless glass

Astute architects and designers know that what the final product looks like today, is only part of the story. How will this design age? Will it stand the test of time? Will it still have the same aesthetic appeal in 10 years’ time? 

Designer Lindsay Hill says of the enduring nature of glass, “Nature never goes out of style, so use high-quality natural materials in your home whenever you can. Stone, linen, glass, leather, and wood all have a timeless appeal that will never look dated. Try to use them in every room of your home for a comfortable, classic look. Most of these materials will develop a beautiful, natural patina over time – which just adds to the timeless feel of your home.”

Still not convinced?

An Australian Glass Design company offers further benefits saying, “It [glass] can provide barriers and structure whilst providing an open and sophisticated look. Being produced in a variety of colours also gives glass the ability to be decorative or opaque. Glass bends and refracts light amazingly so with deliberate design, your home or property can become a design masterpiece.”

“Green” glass

Sustainability is high on the list of must-haves for many high-end clients. Creating a magical space for their family at the expense of the environment is no longer acceptable, which makes the use of glass and aluminium a vital material.

How does the aluminium/glass combination contribute to a sustainable luxury home?


Aluminium is 100% recyclable, forever. It can be reused and repurposed over and over making it a highly sought-after product in the building industry. Glass is also a recyclable product, but besides that, it is made from sand – a resource which is easy to find and mine. 

Energy efficient

The technology behind today’s glass sheets allows for incredible energy efficiency in a home or commercial building. Glass can either reflect the heat from the sun thereby reducing cooling costs, or it can absorb these warming rays to reduce heating costs in cooler climates. 


Whether we’re in the office or at home, our bodies thrive on natural light. 

One source says, “Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage. Vitamin D is important for absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth, as well as helping prevent certain types of cancers, heart disease, depression, and weight gain.

“Natural light has been shown to lower the risk of near-sightedness in children and young adults by helping the eye produce dopamine, which aids in healthy eye development.”


A luxury home is nothing if not unique and reflective of the owner’s particular tastes and personality. It’s deeply satisfying to know that their demands can always be met – no matter what they are.  

Because aluminium can be powder coated to match any décor, and glass can be crafted to any shape or size, the possibilities are truly endless. Functional spaces can be turned into personalised works of art. 

“Owners of luxury loft apartments in the city or expansive estates in the countryside the clean have benefited from the modern style of glass stairs. Glass steps are safe (they are made of 1 ¼” thick tempered and laminated glass with a textured top surface for traction) light transmitting works of art.” (Source)

A stunning view can be appreciated and gently framed while preserving the privacy of the occupants; frameless glass pool surrounds maintain the safety of the area; beautiful wine cellars can be showcased in glass with almost-invisible, sturdy aluminium hardware – we can go on but the point is, well, clear.

Aside from the above-mentioned points, there are certain essential elements to a luxury home which aren’t particularly exciting or aesthetically stimulating. 

Security is one of these; a vital feature that nobody really wants to see or talk about. Can glass and aluminium satisfy these further criteria? Absolutely!

If you’re looking for quality glass and aluminium products for your next project, we’d like to encourage you to call on the GHI team. Top Billing-style luxury homes will always benefit from our incredible range.

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