Building Or Renovating Choosing The Right Architectural Glass Solutions Is The Secret To Success

Building Or Renovating? Choosing The Right Architectural Glass Solutions Is The Secret To Success

Glass is a hugely popular material for architects, designers and clients when building or renovating. Not just for structural use, such as for facades, stairwells and windows, but also for balustrades, shower doors and more. There are many reasons why glass is so popular, and here are just a few:

Light And Beauty

Glass absorbs, transmits or refracts light. Its translucency and transparency make it an extraordinarily beautiful material to use. Glass transmits up to 80% of available light in both directions without weathering, clouding or yellowing – it’s no wonder architects love to use it wherever they can. Used cleverly and creatively, glass transforms the look and feel of any building – commercial or residential.

Weather Resistant

Glass is completely weather resistant, retaining its beautiful appearance and remaining impervious to the effects of sun, wind and rain. It is also completely waterproof.

Highly Mouldable

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials. It can be drawn, pressed or blown into virtually any shape, making it perfect for use in shop fronts, building facades, windows, balustrades, balconies and showers, among many others. In addition, because it’s so stable over a wide range of temperatures, it is also ideal for fireplace glass, cooking tops and high-temperature light lenses.

Aluminium Glass Solutions – Your Perfect Choice For Architectural Hardware

When it comes to the architectural hardware that holds many glass features in place, aluminium is the perfect partner. Functional, yet available in a range of beautiful finishes, aluminium fittings are the first choice of designers, architects, clients and product managers.

Aluminium is ideal for the manufacture of the fundamental hardware components of sliding or hinged doors, showers, balustrades, canopies and wall partitions. Thanks to its strength and impressive corrosion resistance, aluminium is perfect for outdoor applications, as well as damp environments, such as bathrooms.

Building Or Renovating Choosing The Right Architectural Glass Solutions Is The Secret To Success 1

Common Applications of Aluminium Glass Solutions


Frameless glass showers are often the main visual feature of modern bathrooms. Visually stunning, they enhance any bathroom – small or large – and offer the least possible visual intrusion to maximise the flow of light. Complementing this important feature is a range of aluminium architectural hardware, such as shower hinges, handles and other accessories.

It’s now possible to select supporting hardware that’s as visually stunning as your shower itself, while still offering vital support and functionality.

Shower braces, for example, support heavy walk-in glass shower panels and can be cut to size with either square or round clamps. Spider fittings work with different thicknesses of toughened glass – usually from 12mm to 19mm – making them one of the most popular glass solutions. They are usually available as either a 4-way, 2-way or single fitting models.

Floors, Walls And Partitions

Patch fittings have evolved over time to suit both residential and commercial requirements. These types of fittings are frameless and can be used in both roof and floor partitions.

Balustrades And Pool Surrounds

Glass balustrades and pool surrounds add beauty to your outdoor space, while still offering a high degree of safety. Made from toughened or laminated glass, these features need to be supported by high-quality fittings and hardware to help maintain their integrity.

At GHI, we specialise in the quality manufacture and supply of architectural glass solutions, including rail and patch fittings, sliding door systems, shower door connectors, gaskets, stabiliser bars and hinges, shower shelf clamps, glass clamps, spigots and magnetic gate latches, among many others.

We regularly update and improve our offerings to make sure we are always at the forefront of changing design trends and technical requirements. Chat to us today about how our architectural glass solutions can be part of your next project.

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