Balustrade Glass Clamps: A Vital Part of Any Balustrade System

From seaside homes with stunning ocean views to commercial buildings, glass balustrades are gaining ground. It’s no wonder – they’re just beautiful. They have the unique ability to provide an almost invisible barrier that opens up dark spaces and allows sunlight into our living areas or offices. 

There are still a few questions and concerns, though, around the wisdom of using huge sheets of glass around pools, stairs, or balconies. Is it safe? Is it practical?

Come with us as we unpack this essential information on this popular architectural option, as well as the important role that balustrade glass clamps play.

Why Choose Glass Balustrades?

Besides forming a durable and attractive barrier, glass balustrades offer a host of other benefits.

Secure. A smooth sheet of glass is not easy or tempting for children to climb, as opposed to traditional wood or iron balustrades around stairways and balconies. If you do have climbers in your home, then you have the option of choosing higher panels that are sufficient to keep even the most determined of them safe and sound. 

Strong. It’s a common misconception that glass cannot match the strength of other materials. A reputable contractor will make use of safety glass, either toughened (tempered glass) or laminated glass when installing balustrades that have been created to withstand significant loads. For example, external glass balustrades in residential use must meet or exceed a 0.74kN/m load. This means that every metre of the glass should be able to hold the weight of a 75 kg person.

Enjoy the view. Unless you overlook a downtown carpark, most of us want to enjoy the view. Glass balustrades open up spectacular sea views, open gardens, or cityscapes offering amazing vistas that we humans are programmed to appreciate. 

Low maintenance. Glass is the ultimate in low maintenance materials, requiring only gentle cleaning every so often. The clamps and brackets used to hold the glass panels in place are most often made from high-quality aluminium making them resistant to corrosion and a cinch to maintain. 

The Importance of Glass Balustrade Clamps

So, you are set on those clear sheets of seamless glass and the beautiful way that they allow to flood into your space. You’re satisfied that they’re safe and durable and are certain to add value to your property. 

One of the key reasons why glass balustrades are so popular today is due to the advances in fixing mechanisms. 

Glass balustrade clamps have been designed to hold the weight of a sheet of safety glass securely, preventing any movement. The key benefit of using glass clamps is that they hold the glass in place without the need for drilling. Safety glass is made to tight tolerances and drilling can weaken or otherwise compromise its strength making it more prone to shattering under stress.

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