Architectural Aspects to Help With Improving Your Property Valuation

Architectural Aspects to Help With Improving Your Property Valuation

The property market came to a grinding halt in the abysmal first quarter of 2020, but with the slow lifting of lockdown regulations, we are starting to see some movement as the beast awakens. Many homeowners who were considering selling their home can now gratefully pick up the reins. 

Architectural Aspects to Help With Improving Your Property Valuation

While the market may be a little sluggish for a few more months, many are interested in how to improve their property valuation. We obviously want to maximise the return on our biggest investment.

Generally speaking, reconfiguring and renovating your existing interior space, as opposed to adding rooms, tends to be the best way to get your money back on your spend.

There are several elements which will assist with improving the value of your property, 

The Two Rooms Which Can Improve Your Property Valuation

If a buyer is torn between two properties with much the same specifications, the deciding factor is most likely to be either the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Maximising Kitchen Space

Older homes tend to be darker and more compartmentalised, whereas today’s homeowners enjoy open plan living. 

If you can integrate your kitchen into your living area to allow for a clean and open area, then this will certainly add value to your property. We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and nobody wants to be tucked away in a hot little room when the fun is happening elsewhere. Open plan kitchen and dining areas, especially those that blend seamlessly into the living area are first prize for most buyers. 

Open plan living does mean that your kitchen is now a showpiece and not the purely functional space that it was before. Therefore, having a kitchen designed with clever storage (pantries are very popular!) elegant countertops and beautiful tiles will definitely be a winner. 

Building Better Bathrooms

Bathrooms have also moved from a utilitarian space into a dedicated haven with a focus on comfort and beauty. 

If your bathroom is dated (pink or avocado tiles?) then a renovation of this room will almost always match or exceed your spend in adding value to your property. 

Inspiration in a bathroom can take many forms, but the basics should be:

  • Clean lines to give a feeling of spaciousness
  • Well-lit, using natural light where possible
  • Carefully selected taps, basins and baths
  • Hardwearing and easy to clean shower doors or screens.

Glass is the perfect material for bathrooms, and frameless glass is an excellent choice. These timeless additions, paired with long-lasting aluminium fittings will suit any style.

William Tozer Associates explains in their comment for The Modern House, “Architecture is a form of art practice, and so the design of a client’s home can have all of the same range of effects on them as a painting, sculpture or installation – to inspire, delight and promote contemplation and reflection.”

Outdoor Living

The South African climate lends itself to outdoor living spaces, and architects will agree that spending a little money on this area will pay dividends.  

Renovations which focus on lifestyle include this essential outdoor living area; a space where we can braai and socialise with friends which is still protected from the elements. If you’re calling in an architect to assist you with the design of this area, then they will also take careful note of privacy, orientation and maximising space. 

A seamless connection between outside and inside can be made using glass wall and door systems which allows the light and fresh air to flood your living room while maintaining privacy and security.

‘Outdoor living’ also applies to the preference of most people to enjoy natural light, as well as views of the garden or ocean, or a skylight for a view of the blue. Large windows and sliding doors are replacing their smaller counterparts in most modern homes. 

Design and Décor

While we’ve mainly talked about architectural solutions to add value to your property, there are many design elements which will add to the look and feel of your home and appeal to buyers.

Modern and rustic

A blend of modern materials alongside rustic options such as wood, concrete or cowhide adds personality and charm to a home.


Lighting doesn’t have to cost the earth. But smart use of mood-setting wall lights, pendant lighting or even circadian lighting systems offers warmth and practicality. 


The Modern House article quoted above adds, “Along with light and colour, planting can make a huge difference to a space. We’ve all heard about ‘bringing the outdoors in’ through windows or glazed doors, but actually having planting inside can create a much better feeling of wellbeing.”

Indeed, increasing the value of your property will seldom rest on a single element. Rather, a home which is easy to maintain, well cared for, and offers a positive lifestyle choice to potential buyers will certainly prove to be a valuable asset. 

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