Aluminium Doors and the Modern Patio

With summer just around the corner, you will start to spend more and more time outside on your patio. This is a great reason to get stuck in and start updating your outdoor space. Maybe it’s time to get some new patio furniture, maybe you need to upgrade your aluminium doors. 

If you are looking for a place to start, keep reading. We are going to look at some simple tips to improve your patio, making it the place to be on those long summer evenings.

Aluminium Doors on Patios

One of the best and biggest ways to modernize your patio is to change out your old patio doors. Especially so if your old doors are not well placed or on the smaller side which makes getting out on the patio much harder than it should be. Sliding or stacking doors such as the aluminium nufold doors are a wonderful way to open up your patio and connect your indoor space with your outdoor space.

Aluminium is a top choice for patio doors and windows because it is sturdy, weathers well, and is easy to customize. If you have a big garden or beautiful views from your patio, then being able to enjoy them from both inside and outside is exactly what you want. Aluminium is like jeans; it pairs well with glass and wood, and almost anything else you would want in your patio space.

Furniture Update

Having comfortable seating in your outdoor area is a must. The first thing to consider about your patio furniture though is whether you will be leaving it out all year round. If this is the case, then you will need to invest in weatherproof furniture. 

The kind of furniture you choose depends on the type of space you want to create. Will you be using the patio to host dinner parties, or just as a general space to relax and enjoy a drink? If your patio leads onto a pool, then maybe you are looking for a few lounger chairs and some tables. 

Once you have decided the function of your space then you can start looking for furniture. Most outdoor furniture and decor goes well with glass and aluminium so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your brand new aluminium doors. 

Cushions and Throws

If you don’t want to upgrade your furniture, or if it is still in good condition, you can modernize it by changing the colour theme or adding some soft cushions and cosy throws into the mix. New textiles can change the whole look of the patio without spending too much money. This also means you can put your savings towards bigger upgrades you may want to do.

Cushions and blankets can also help to soften metal furniture, or offset aluminium doors, especially if they are new you want a softer overall look. Adding extra colour and texture will go a long way to settling them into your space. 

Light It Up

You will undoubtedly be spending many evenings outside during the warmer months, so it is a good idea to invest in some stylish lighting. One of the easiest ways to create a magical outdoor space is with string or fairy lights. You can choose to plug them in or in battery-operated or solar-powered forms so there is something for every patio situation.

Another idea is to use rope lighting along outside pathways or to highlight steps leading to your patio. The nice thing about rope lights is that because they are encased in plastic it means they are protected from the weather, so you can use them anywhere.

There are various styles of string lighting, so you can pick your favourite to match your décor. Use them in lanterns rather than candles or strung from the ceilings or railings. You can even move them out into the garden and wrap them around tree trunks or bushes on special occasions. 

Go Green

Plants add a charming touch to your patio. Bringing the garden to you means you can take better care of your more delicate plants and flowers by keeping them slightly sheltered on the patio. Invest in some nice big pots or planters in different shapes and sizes and cluster them strategically around your patio.

If you already have plants, move them into their new home. If not, grab yourself some cheery flowers and add a pop of colour to your patio area. 

Patio Rejuvenated

Now you have a place to start with the upgrading of your patio area. Whether you are simply adding some beautiful greenery, or you are replacing your old doorways with elegant glass and aluminium doors that enhance the space, you are about to make your outdoor space irresistible.

If you would like some more information, call GHI today and our friendly, professional team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

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