For over 25 years GHI have been the South African leaders in architectural solutions for the glass and aluminium industry.

The use of glass in architecture has grown steadily over the years but in the last 5 years there has been exponential growth in the use of glass, and in particular in frameless glass applications.

As a direct response to the demand for a complete frameless glass hardware solution, GHI has expanded its range of frameless glass solutions and has rebranded it as “Silhouette”.

The Silhouette range includes frameless shower hardware, glass balustrading components, glass pool fencing hardware, frameless glass shopfront fittings and frameless glass façade solutions.

The newest addition to the Silhouette range is the Silhouette frameless glass office partition system. The system is the only openly available frameless glass partition system currently available in South Africa. It was designed and has been manufactured in South Africa and has been quickly adopted by architects, interior designers and installers for both aesthetic reasons and due to it’s adaptability and ease-of-installation.

The system has been designed to be fully frameless and to accommodate various sliding, hinged and pivot door options. GHI has carefully sourced and stock a full range of hardware for all the Silhouette door systems. The range also includes various handles and locks, all specifically designed for frameless systems.

A full century has gone by since Sheerbart’s visionary ideas were published, but walls made entirely of glass have now been made not just possible but practical by GHI’s Silhouette Frameless Glass Solutions.