7 Ways to Create a Timeless & Modern Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in your house, and probably the most used. Unlike your other rooms, unfortunately, bathrooms are more complicated to update, and what you thought was a modern bathroom can very quickly become dated.

Bathrooms are often left unrenovated as the rest of the house undergoes interior changes, mostly because you do not think your bathroom fittings are prone to going out of style. The bad news is that they can. And they do.

The good news is that there are a few simple tricks to ensure that you have a modern bathroom for years, no matter what.

1.      Colour Me Simple

Although it may seem boring, white is a timeless colour. Many bathroom fixtures come in white and are often more reasonably priced than their coloured counterparts. White has a fresh, clean look and it gives a modern bathroom a neutral backdrop. This way you can accessorise with pops of colour without worrying about clashing with the walls and any of your fittings.

White also matches almost any material you would like to use, such as wood, stone or metals. It is the perfect bathroom colour and never goes out of style. Using white in your bathroom also allows you to create focal points such as mosaics or patterned tiles in certain areas without worrying that the room will become too busy.

2.      Material Use

The materials used to make the most classic and timeless bathrooms are ceramic, stone and marble. These materials create a modern bathroom look while also giving the room a feeling of luxury. They are also long-lasting and strong, as well as being easy to maintain.

Wood is also a great choice when it comes to the modern bathroom. It does well in humid conditions, and wooden cabinets and storage options are a popular choice for bathrooms. Using wood also brings a cosy atmosphere to a bathroom which enhances the warmth and mood. It also never goes out of fashion.

Using metal finishings in your bathroom, such as taps or rails creates a beautiful clean look, and can contrast wonderfully with a neutral palette.

3.      Keep to the Essentials

When you are searching for bathroom accessories and fittings, it may be tempting to buy every item you see. But keep in mind that gadgets tend to go out of style. If you want to keep a timelessly modern bathroom it is best to stick to the essentials.

Choose your basic fittings in classic shapes, and choose freestanding options where you can. This helps to create an elegant looking bathroom, as well as a classic feel. Go simple with just a basin, bath and/or shower, a toilet and a vanity with a mirror.

It is also possible to use simple shelving or storage space and choose neutral colours and natural materials whenever you can. You can always brighten things up with coloured accessories afterwards if you feel they are needed.

A Few Extras

If you are not in the market for an entirely new bathroom makeover, there are a few tips and tricks you can use. These will make sure you always have a modern bathroom. Some of these are simply DIY projects, while others require calling in the professionals, but none will put your bathroom out of commission for weeks!

4.       Regrout the Tiles

Over time, the grout between the tiles can discolour, especially in the shower. Even a thorough clean can only last so long. The proper way of grinding out the old grout and reapplying can take a bit of time and money. Therefore, you can do a quick DIY fix of a good clean and a grout pen application over the old grout.

5.       Frameless Shower Doors

The best way to give a modern bathroom look to an older set-up is to install frameless shower doors. These customised glass doors give a sleek and elegant feel to an older bathroom, and can give you more space depending on how you set them up.

6.       Update your Accessories

One of the best things about bathrooms is that there are so many little changes you can make without spending too much money or going out of your way. Doing something as simple as getting different coloured towels or buying some new candles can change the whole space.

7.       Declutter

You may find that a simple day of throwing out old shampoo bottles, empty toilet roll holders or getting rid of the hundreds of shower gel bottles on the shelf will give you a modern bathroom without actually having to change anything! If you don’t want to throw everything else, then why not look at updating your storage spaces?

Simply Modern

Creating a classically modern bathroom may not be as expensive or as complicated as you first thought. While it is always nice to have a bathroom revamp, some simple solutions can give you a great result without the cost and time of a full renovation.

If you would like some more information on frameless shower doors, why not call us today to get started for friendly and professional advice.

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